Fredagsblogg 5

Hello everyone, and happy midsummer!

The longest day in Sweden is today, and everyone takes the day off. So will I, so this will be rather short. I have been in recordings the whole week, and will go back home on Monday to start editing so I should have some results for you next Friday to show.


Many things can happen when you record. All of a sudden, on Thursday, someone came and carried away my piano…by mistake. They took the wrong piano. That was, to say the least, stressful. Then there are moments when you get some recording buddies in a slow movement. Listen to this:

I guess those guys wanted to sing along…


I wish you a great summer, and send myself off the computer and out for a walk in a truly typical Swedish summer weather, the one when it feels it will start raining any moment, with this great theme that Beethoven starts his Sonata Op. 26 with. It will be followed by five gorgeous variations.

Next Friday I will know more how the recorded material sounds when put together into whole movements. See you then!

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