Fredagsblogg 4

Sorry, this week was so busy that I completely forgot about this Friday writing until I went to bed last night. So therefore, this Fredagsblogg is a day late – which became two since it is Sunday now.

The five days of concerts and masterclasses at Steinway Gallery in Stockholm are over. Thank you all the wonderful students, thank you Lut for your fantastic work, thank you to the audience for letting us share our music with you.

It was heavy work, but it is great to do something that feels truly meaningful. I hope the students feel the same way.


I will describe my week since last Friday. Here goes:

Friday: Wake up in Växjö. Practice Hammarklavier. Pick up microphones. Tuner is tuning my piano in the concert hall. Check out travel for Stockholm. Can’t really decide on which train. Practice Hammarklavier. Make schedule of 36 lessons for the masterclasses. E-mail students. Practice Hammarklavier. Setting up the microphone stands, microphones, piano, cables, interface, preamps, computer… Practice Hammarklavier.

Saturday: Finding good positions for the microphones. Practice Hammarklavier. Start recording. Sonata op. 14 nr. 2 for the third time now, I hope this time I will get it right. First time was too sleepy, second time was too speedy. It goes really well, the movement is done in a few hours. Practice Hammarklavier.

I am now filming as well as recording the sonatas, so that I can show you when I play the movements in some of the blog posts. Then you can listen and view the final result. Here is an excerpt:


Sunday: Recording Sonata op; 26, first movement. Get stuck in the first theme, still recording the first two minutes after two hours. Not at all the same flow as yesterday. Practice Hammarklavier. Finally finish the first theme. Decide on train for the Stockholm travel, go to station to buy tickets. Start recording the first variation, same thing, goes very slowly. Not a productive day. Practice Hammarklavier.

Monday: Pack all the stage things, takes about an hour and half. Practice Hammarklavier. Buy new concert jacket. Long Live H&M. Take train to Stockholm. Go to Music Conservatory to give a lesson. Only 35 left now. Practice Hammarklavier. Go to my sister to eat fantastic grilled chicken. I am so tired that I drink half a litre of Coca-Cola. Idiot am I…can’t really sleep the whole night.

Tuesday: Leave house on bike. Not a huge success, too many bags to carry. We take car instead. At Steinway 10am to start the masterclass. First lessons. Tobias Ringborg arrives to teach a little chamber music. Practice Hammarklavier. Concert at 7pm. Play Hammarklavier, and it goes quite well. Especially happy with slow movement. Sweating like crazy during the gigantic sonata, probably lost two kilos. Here is a picture taken by Majsan of Sweden when I talk the talk:

Wednesday to Friday: Teach all in all 29 lessons with great, great young pianists. Concerts in the evenings. Long days with no breaks. I get completely lost trying to find my sisters house in the evening, biking around for an hour extra. The evening is very pretty so it’s not too bad. Worse on Friday morning with pouring rain.

Saturday: Last 4 lessons, then final concert. Everybody plays really well! Audience votes on three different sonatas, Moonlight Sonata wins and I play that. Hop into a taxi, realize in the taxi that train is not at 18.32 but 18.23. I make the train with about a second and a half, running like mad at the station. On train, and that’s where I’m writing this. Going to Växjö again, for 3 full days of recording Beethoven Sonatas!

One thought on “Fredagsblogg 4

  1. Yes, your life is a very tour de force!
    So they use to introduce the sonatas with a bellow now: interesting!

    PS: why did you buy a new jacket? You were better with the yellow shirt! : )

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