The complete sonata cycle in New York

Beethoven Cycle at Music on Park Avenue – Intro for Part III from Per Tengstrand on Vimeo.

The cycle of the 32 Beethoven Sonatas in New York starts in Victor Borge Hall on April 17! Here is the program book, just click on the picture:

Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the greatest geniuses who ever walked on this earth… click on the video below for an introduction!

Almost every pianist aspires for this “project of a lifetime”, to play all Beethovens’s 32 Piano Sonatas. I have done it already in Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Paris, Växjö, Tingsryd and Uppsala. Now the turn comes to New York. Starting on April 17, I will take the journey from the confident, young Beethoven’s first sonatas to the sad but genius master of the last sonatas. On the way, there are masterpieces like the “Pathetique”, the “Moonlight”, the “Tempest” among so many others.

All excerpts are from my recordings of the sonatas

Thursday, April 17, pre-concert talk at 7.15pm, music starts at 8pm

Victor Borge Hall, Scandinavia House

58 Park Avenue @ 38th Street
T: 212.779.3587

I. “A young virtuoso arrives in Vienna”

Sonat op.2 no. 1 F minor
Menuetto – Allegretto Prestissimo


Sonat op.2 no. 2 A Major
Allegro Largo
Scherzo: Allegretto
Rondo: Grazioso



Sonat op.2 no. 3 C Major
Allegro con brio
Scherzo: Allegro
Allegro assai



Thursday, May 15, pre-concert talk at 7.15pm, music starts at 8pm

II. “Beethoven’s first concert tours: Prague, Berlin, Budapest…”

Sonata op.7 E-flat Major
Allegro molto e con brio
Largo, con gran espression
Rondo: Poco allegretto e grazioso


Sonata op. 49 no. 1, G minor
Rondo. Allegro

Sonata op. 49 no. 2, G Major
Allegretto ma non troppo
Tempo di Menuetto

Sonata op.10 no. 1, C minor
Allegro molto e con brio
Adagio molto


Thursday, May 29, pre-concert talk at 7.15pm, music starts at 8pm

III “The Pathétique Sonata – Beethoven’s first hit”

Sonata op.10 no. 2, F Major

Sonata op.10 no. 3 D Major 
Largo e mesto
Menuetto: Allegro
Rondo: Allegro

Sonata op.13, C minor (“Pathétique”)
Grave – Allegro di molto e con brio
Adagio cantabile
Rondo: Allegro

Sonata op.14 No.1, E Flat Major
Rondo: Allegro comodo

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