Fredagsblogg 6

What a beautiful Friday it is. I am listening to the birds outside, looking at the green outside the window:

Every five minutes I look up from the computer to look at some trees…


I can go out on the balcony in the warmth when I take a break from all the editing:

Our neighbor built this little thing. Perhaps we should too?


So, I’m back home, and I am editing many hours a day. Basically done with the final version of the Sonata op. 14 nr. 2, which was the third time I recorded it (!). The problem was, first time was too slow. Then, I did it a second time WAY over-reacting to the first time. One should not react to bad versions I kept telling students in Stockholm. Wouldn’t hurt if I followed my own advice now and then, eh?

Listen to the beginning of the second version:

No flow and not really beautiful. The “pastoral” quality does not come through at all. So, this is the final version:


The main piece on Volume 4 will be the Funeral March Sonata (op. 26). Although the grandiose sonata in B-flat op. 22 is also a major piece: you could see it as the most accomplished, and the last, of Beethoven’s early sonatas (he was very proud of that sonata himself).


Here is the end of the first movement of op. 26. It’s so beautiful. Sorry for the camera sound, I didn’t take the time to match the video with the microphone sound (that I will do in the complete version of the video). The microphone is, by the way, one of the four Neumann U87 I am using for the recordings, together with a pair of Rode tube microphones. Enjoy, and see you next Friday! I have to get back to editing…

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